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    Complete Guide To Google Penalties & Algorithm

    Complete Guide To Google Penalties & Algorithm

    All webmasters know that Google send maximum numbers of traffic to their sites. According to a study 90% people who go online to search something prefer google to search their queries than any other search engines out there (bing, yahoo etc.). Reasons are many, but the main reason behind this is – people say, that they get exactly what they search with quality search results in google. This is because Google always look for quality websites online.

    What Is Google Algorithm?

    I will not be using any tough core technical term to make you understand the definition of google algorithm, rather i prefer in simplicity. In simple term, ALGORITHM means the set of rules to be followed, so, the simple definition would be:  What set of rules Google follow to provide search results in its own search engine that is called Google Algorithm.

    How does Google Algorithm Can Effect and Affect Your Website’s Traffic?

    It is very simple. What set of rules google follow to provide search results, if your site is not following that so your site could be banned (will not be visible in google’s search result) or you can get less traffic due to penalty. So, ultimately it will affect your website’s sale or visibility.

    On the other hand if your site follows all google’s algorithm then you will be really flooded with a lot of traffic and obviously those will be relevant, because they are coming to you through google search.

    Now, you can understand why is it so important to follow the algorithm of google! Another very important point is that google always keep changing its algorithm according to  the latest trend. So, do not try to show over smartness.

    here I am going to discuss on Google’s major newly updated algorithms and how to stay away from the penalty.

    How Google Search Algorithm Works

    1.Google Panda Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: 24th February, 2011
    Checking Periods: ~Monthly
    Goal To Reach: Find out sites with duplicate or low-quality content. and De-rank  them.

    Google Panda scan webpages and analyze their content quality and score it on the basis of that. It scores a webpage on the basis of two important parameters:

    1. Whether the content is human readable or not – Human Readability score.
    2. Duplicate content of other websites – Original Content Score.

    It also see the used synonyms, spammy material etc. in the content. Initially this algorithm was not incorporated but from 2016 it also has become a search algorithm. That’s the reason now it has become easy to recover websites from panda penalty.

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Panda Penalty?

    • Stop Using Duplicate content: Some people are very cleaver. They just copy a content or change some words in between sentences and paste that to their own website. Please stop doing all these. In that case your article will be plagiarized and de-ranked by google.
    • Stop using spammy content like auto generated content etc.
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Poor user experience

    2. Google Penguin Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: April 24, 2012
    Checking Periods:  real-time check
    Goal To Reach: Scan a website’s link profile and find out the spammy and manipulative un-natural links, if found De-rank and penalize the site.

    Penguin algorithm was launched to handle link profile of websites. Back-links play role as voter for a website. How many votes you have your website will get that much high rank. But, the condition is those links should be natural not paid or randomly created by software. If you do so, you will be penalized by google, penguin does that work.

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Penguin Penalty?

    Always keep an eye on:

    • Whether Links are coming from poor quality or “spammy” sites or not
    • Whether Links are coming from websites just created only for SEO link building purpose like: PBNs or not.
    • Whether maximum Links to your website are coming from irrelevant sites or different niche or not.

    Always avoid:

    • Building Paid links. Nowadays this has become a new type of business. stay away from all these.
    • Over optimizing your links with anchor texts.

    Check your google webmaster tool whether there is any spammy link listed in ‘links to your site’ section or not. If present disavow those links immediately, otherwise those links can harm your ranking in search results.

    3. Google Pirate Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: Aug 2012
    Checking Period: Frequency is unknown.
    Goal To Reach: Check for websites using copyright infringements and de-rank them

    Google’s Pirate Algorithm was introduced to penalize those websites who are using many copyrighted or pirated content. Torrent sites, free software, books, movies, musics and other contents that are being published without taking permission from the real author and make it freely available for the website’s visitor. But the implementation of this rule practically is very controversial, because we see many pirated sites are visible easily in google search.

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Pirate Penalty?

    • Stop using pirated content in your website.

    4. Google Hummingbird Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: August 22, 2013
    Checking Period: Every time
    Goal To Reach: To produce more relevant search results every time a visitor search for a keyword by automatically understanding the real meaning behind visitor’s queries.

    Points to be noted here, that hummingbird not only gives importance on keyword but also look for the real meaning behind the keyword or search term. This algorithm is powerful unlike other panda and penguin that has made google search so unique and relevant. So if you are stuffing all keywords in your website that may not give you higher ranking in google’s search. This made Google different from other search engines.

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Hummingbird Penalty?

    • Stop Exact matched keyword targeting
    • Avoid Keyword stuffing

    5. Google Pigeon Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: July 24, 2014 (US)
    Checking Period: Every time
    Goal To Reach: Pigeon works on local search only, it provides high quality and relevant local search results (till now available for English only).

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Pigeon Penalty?

    • Optimize pages properly for local citation.
    • Setup your Google My Business page properly
    • Use NAP (name, address, phone) data properly everywhere. the data should be same in every listings.
    • Avoid: Irrelevant citations in local directories.

    6. Google Mobile Friendliness Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: April 21, 2015
    Checking Period: Every time
    Goal To Reach: To give a ranking boost in mobile searches to mobile friendly websites.

    According to this algorithm your site should be opened properly in mobile devices without any problem. If your site is not mobile friendly it will de-rank your website and will not show in mobile searches.

    How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Mobile Friendly Penalty?

    •  Just build a mobile optimized websites.
    • Avoid implementing Improper (coding error) view-port configuration
    • Stop using Illegible or improper content in website.
    • Limited Plugin use

    Check whether your website pass the test of google friendliness or not – Click Here

    Apart from these important google algorithms some other algorithms are also there what sometimes can be applied for site specific. Those are:

    1.Google Rankbrain Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: October 26, 2015
    Checking Period: Every time
    Goal To Reach: To deliver search results on the basis of relevance and machine learning. It also helps hummingbird to work more efficiently.

    2. Google Fred Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: March 8, 2017
    Checking Period: Every time
    Goal To Reach: To generate more ad and affiliate revenue by filtering search results.

    3. Google Possum Algorithm

    Algorithm Launched: September 1, 2016
    Checking period: Unknown
    Goal To Reach: To deliver more better search results on the basis of searcher’s location.

    These are the major google’s updated algorithms to follow while you are optimizing your website for SEO. if you have anything to share please do not hesitate to comment below.

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    Paytm Has Become The Payments Bank

    Paytm Has Become The Payments Bank

    Paytm payment bank: After a long wait now PAYTM has got the banking licence from the ‘Reserve Bank of India’. It was really a long wait for the Wallet company. Unlike, payment wallet business whether the company will be able to gain the popularity in banking sector or not that future will decide. But the road has become clear.for this ‘Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba‘ funded company (2015) to play its tole in banking sector also.

    According to sources, PAYTM PAYMENTS BANK LIMITED will start its banking operation from next May 23, 2017.

    Now, the question must be coming to your mind that what will happen if you have some amounts in your Paytm wallet? if you are a Paytm user.

    Now here is the update:

    What I Need To Do With Money I have In My Wallet?

    You do not need to do anything yourself, your money in your wallet will automatically be transferred to Paytm Payments Bank Limited’s account and you can transfer the same way how you used to transfer before. Afterwards if you become an account holder of the bank then your wallet amount will be transferred to your own personalized Paytm payments bank account. Now it will behave like other banks who already have online wallet beside banking system. How you used to use Paytm wallet before you will just keep using it the same way, just banking part part has added to it.

    Will Paytm issue Debit Card, Checkbook, ATM card etc. For Me?

    The answer is yes, but only if you open a new bank account with them. They will start giving you offers obviously like other banks after 23rd May 2017, after all it is a business house, they need bank account holders too. They already have their sales team, though the existing customer care department is not that much efficient to handle prestigious clients unlike other reputed banks have, but I believe they will requite good professionals to handle that department properly.

    Will I Be Able To Move My Wallet’s Money from Paytm Payments Bank Wallet To My Bank Account?

    The answer is yes, you can send or move your Paytm payments Banks Wallet’s money to your desired bank’s account.

     Is Paytm Payments Bank Is Like Other Big Branded Banks?

    The answer is no. This a limited banking system. You only can keep upto 1 lakh rupees in your account, not more than that. The purpose of these type of banks are to provide some basic banking facility, not like full featured banks like AXIS BANK, HDFC, ICICI etc.

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    Airtel Broadband Offers 2017 – Dhamaka

    Airtel Broadband Offers 2017 – Dhamaka

    Airtel has given a real ‘Dhamaka Offer’ for all broadband internet users. Actually this is a revision or extension of earlier internet plans. But remember this offer is only for Delhi circle (airtel broadband offers in delhi). It is really a good news for Delhi people.

    Nowadays all telecom companies have started reducing their price of usage, whether it is internet or voice calls. Frankly speaking all credits of this change goes to ‘Reliance Gio’. Gio has first started this and compelled other companies to reduce their rates. otherwise a telecom company like Airtel who is known for their highest call and internet rates would not be ready to reduce its rate at all. i believe after this change in internet plan offers Vodafone will also join the competition. We have seen the same thing in the past, as long as Airtel does not change its plan Vodafone remains silent.

    The revised plans are something like: The Rs. 899 internet plan now is offering 60GB high speed broadband data what earlier used to offer 30GB. The Rs.1,099 plan is now offering 90GB of high speed broadband data what earlier used to offer 50GB. Similarly, the Rs.1,299 plan is now offering 125GB what earlier used to offer 75GB, the Rs.1,499 plan is now offering 160GB what earlier used to offer 100GB, and the Rs. 1,799 is offering 220GB of data.  Please see the below chart to see all plans at a glance:

    Airtel Broadband Plans

    Rs. 899 plan30 GB60 GB16 Mbps
    Rs.1,099 plan50 GB 90 GB40 Mbps
    Rs.1,299 plan75 GB125 GB100 Mbps
    Rs.1,499 plan100 GB160 GB100 Mbps
    Rs. 1,799 plan-220 GB 100 Mbps

    According to Airtel new plan revision, the company will install a router also with every new connection for free. Isn’t it amazing?

    In this regard, Hemanth Kumar Guruswamy, CEO – Homes, Bharti Airtel (India) said, “Our new plans are aimed at putting India onto the digital superhighway and complement our superfast broadband offerings like ‘V-Fiber’. At Airtel, our mission is to enable a superior digital experience and offer great value to our customers. Our customers can now add to their online experience with exciting speeds backed by unmatched service reliability. We believe these new plans will also drive the adoption of high speed broadband in the country.”

    Plan for other cities you can check here: Read More

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    8 Easy Ways To Completely Secure Your WordPress Site

    8 Easy Ways To Completely Secure Your WordPress Site

    How to secure your wordpress website: WordPress is a very popular CMS platform to make websites. This platform is secure, rich in features, can be modified easily and more than this you really do not need to be a core coder to build a website. Yes, obviously if you have some coding knowledge then you can modify it as per your requirement. But still the popularity of this platform is increasing day by day due its easy modification features. Bundles of ready themes available online, just install and activate…BOOM… your site is ready. As I already said it is a secure CMS, at least much better than any other. Due its popularity thousands of sites are being made on this platform every day, which in terms made wordpress site an easy target of hackers. Today’s topic is on this only, that how can we protect our beloved wordpress websites from hackers. Now let’s start today’s topic 8 Easy Ways To Completely Secure Your WordPress Site.

    Website Hackings are two types mainly:

    1. Personalized Web Attacks or PWT
    2. Random Web Attacks or RWA.

    Personalized web attacks: When a group of people or someone objectively attacks any perticular website that is called PWT or Personalized Web Attacks. This kind of attacks happen on reputed websites by hacking their servers, due to various reasons, sometimes financial, political etc. Today I will not focus on this type of attacks at all.

    Random Web Attacks: Our today’s topic is based on this type of attacks only. In this type of attacks hackers send some random virtual robots, cookies through-out the web, whenever you go online and go to their targeted sites or download their targeted files, you come under their coverage. You may not also know that your computer has already been hacked and being used by someone else. When you use pirated softwares in your computer, nulled website themes and plugins, your computer or website becomes puppet in their hand. Always remember nothing comes in free in this world. If you think those pirated materials are totally free of cost then you are right, but in that way you are becoming the puppet at their hand. When hackers need to get access to some sites for various reason they start using those already hacked computers to create auto generated traffic and attack on the certain important pages (login, admin etc.) of the targeted website. This system of attack is popularly known as ‘brute force attack’.

    How I have discussed till now, this is very basic of attacks, just to give you a basic idea on RWA. Nowadays the hackers have become smarter than before.

    Now let’s move to the main topic. The wordpress platform is very secure platform itself. But still we need to take some actions from our end too to secure some very vulnerable doors of WordPress. Otherwise that day is not too far that apparently you seem to be the owner of your website but it will be controlled by some other group just to use it as their tool to regulate their illegal activity from the backend.

    Common WordPress Vulnerabilities

    Common Vulnerable Doors Of WordPress & How To Close Them:

    1. Before starting, my first advice would be to keep your wordpress site always updated. Time to time wordpress release its updated security features. This is the first and the foremost rule to update and upgrade your wordpress version always to keep your site secure.
    2. How to secure wp admin, because you need to secure wp-admin: This is the most important door of wordpress what is most vulnerable. If you go to any normal wordpress site and just add /wp-admin (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin), hit enter, you will be able to see the backend admin login page, because it is redirecting to login.php to enter the admin panel. Hackers first attack this page, because this give them the easy access to your website’s admin panel.

    So first we need to stop the access to this page publicly. We cannot remove the page, because in that case we will lose control on our own website. There is a very easy solution to it. Just to change the wp admin url. This process is also called ‘hidden wp-admin’. If you are a coder so you can change the coding of wordpress and implement it. But if you are just an amateur, do not try to touch the coding part at all.  You can lose the access of the admin panel. In that case you can use a plugin what will do the same work but very intelligently. It will not actually change the real code, it will just redirect it into some other url as per your choice. The plugin is WPS Hide Login.

    Some other 2 or 3 plugins are also there, but believe me they may contradict with other plugins and some features of your website may not work properly due those plugin’s complex coding factors. But, you can use ‘WPS Hide Login’ plugin will work with any theme and any plugin without any conflict at all.

    1. Secure Your Theme’s Functions.php: This file is very important to secure, it is also another access point of hackers. This file can be seen in your theme’s main folder and child theme’s folder. You can easily stop it from public access by just changing the permission in cPanel.

    Login to your cPanel > select your wordpress site > Wp-content > Themes > select your activated theme > functions.php (right click on it) > select ‘change permission’ > change permission to 444. Do the same in child theme also (if that exists). Now this file has become a ‘read only’ file what cannot be edited or executed at all from the frontend. If you want to implement any code in functions.php, you also need to do this from cPanel.

    4. Secure wordpress Post.php: This is also an easily targeted file. This file is located in W-includes folder. Just change the permission to 444.

    5. Secure wordpress Wp-includes folder: sometimes you can see that your website is not opening at all. You can be scared that your all your hard work have gone forever! First of all it is highly recommended for you to keep a backup of your website.

    Secondly, let’s find out why does this happen? There could be various reasons. I will discuss on this in my future article in more detail. Here I want to stick to the topic only. In that case I would request you to firstly check the ‘Port80’ option of your cPanel. See whether that is blocked or not. If that is blocked already (you can see by clicking on ‘port80’ option), you will be able to see a list of corrupted file needs to be modified there. Just modify or remove (with caution) to unblock the ‘Port’. Here I came to know the ‘random file inclusion or insertion’ vulnerability.

    Hackers are replacing the original wordpress post.php with their own coded post.php and that time the server’s security scan is blocking the activity and hence blocking the public communication port of the server, so that the vulnerability cannot spread the whole server. In one of my client’s website it started happening in daily basis. First they did not inform me about that, they thought they can handle it but at last when they fail to solve the problem then they contacted me. The same thing was repeating at a fixed time slot every day. It was a real challenge for me to solve it. Firstly I thought the theme my client was using that has a vulnerability, I changed it to some others but the result was same.

    This was all about the Wp-inclueds folder, everything was happening inside this folder only, according to the ‘port 80’ report. Finally I solved it by applying some coding rules. Some of them are very much of core coding, I am not going into that. I will discuss that in a different article in a descriptive way, otherwise this article will become very lengthy. But basic level of security coding I am going to discuss now.

    To secure wp-includes we can take the help of .htaccess. You can see this file in the root directory. If you can’t see you can create one. In this case we will not use the .htaccess file of the root directory or folder of the site. We need to create a .htaccess file inside ‘wp-includes’ folder. Create one and just insert the following code there:

    # Kill PHP Execution

    <Files *.php>

    deny from all


    You can use a very useful plugin to enhance the security of your website. That is WordPress Security Enhancer Plugin. But, this plugin is not compatible with all themes and plugins. So, before using all features of this plugin just check once by applying all features one by one, and see whether it is conflicting with other plugins or your theme or not.

    6. Secure config.php file: This file contains all configuration informa5tion (database) of your wordpress site. To secure it just add the following code to this file:

    1. define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);
    2. The above code will disallow code editing from the front end.

    7. Use Wordefence Security Plugin: To make your site more secyre, you can use this plugin. But, remember this is very resource hungry plugin and can slow down your site if your website is not running in optimized server. This plugin implement a firewall system to secure a website.

    8. Use Cloudflare: Use Cloudflare that can take the security of your website to the next level.

    1. By following above steps you will be able to secure your site reasonably. If you need more security then use SSL or Secure Socket Layer what uses https protocol. You can see that FatSage is also running on SSL.
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    Free 160 High PR Authority Backlinks For SEO

    Free 160 High PR Authority Backlinks For SEO

    Link BuildingFree 160 High PR Authority Backlinks For SEO: To rank higher in search engines link building is necessary nowadays. There was a time when you used to write something on your web page and search engines used to rank that on some easy parameters. in those days websites were not that much also. The present scenario is totally opposite to older days. Now every day thousands of websites are being published with their contents. So, search engines also have made their ranking parameters very high thus it has become a challenge to rank higher. Seo or search engine optimisation is the solution to this problem to sustain in this competitive time, without which your all contents will remain unreachable to the world. Search engine optimisation or SEO is divided into two main parts: 1. Online Seo and 2. Offline Seo. Link building is a very important part of Offline Seo. Link building simply means to build a tree of links pointed to your root domain or pages from other websites. You can say a voting system. How many votes you have you will rank higher that much. In the future article, I will discuss this matter in detail but today I want to share some links what you can use to build your links tree. Just remember one thing always, sometimes fewer links are better than huge low-level links (low domain authority, low page rank).

    You know your website’s niche better, always try to build links according to your niche.

    Let’s start from Web 2.0 Websites:

    (You need to create a page/blog/website on these sites(as the subdomain) and add your website’s links there!)

















































    Websites which allows HTML Links, for that you need to create the profile:


































    Video publishing websites:

    (you can build links by uploading your video there.)













    Article submission websites:























    Question & Answer Websites:







    Photo or image related websites:

    (You can add your websites links in the profile and also in  image descriptions.)














































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    6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    Easy way to speed up WordPresss site: When a person comes to your website, what matters most that time? your website speed, that is counted by the loading speed of the page. If that is not good so it doesn’t matter how nicely you have designed your website or how many very unique post you have.

    Is it important to have higher page speed?

    Let’s see what data says according to the major modern search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

    • If your website speed is from 5 to 6 second you are approximately faster than 25% – 30% of the other websites on the internet.
    • If your website speed is from 1 to 3 second you are approximately faster than 50% – 75% of the other websites on the internet.
    • If your website speed is less than 1 second you are approximately faster than 95% of the other websites on the internet.

    If you go to GtMetrix.Com, you will find this kind of data in more detail. You also can check our Free Seo Tool to check your website’s page speed and other many SEO parameters.

    Sometimes the website speed score depends on various factors, like – the zone you are selecting to check the speed and obviously the speed of the destination server. That’s the reason I have mentioned 25% – 30% in this format.

    according to a study by one of the largest search engines Bing search engine team of Microsoft – 2016, a 2 to 3 seconds page loading delay than the average loading time can reduce the visitor satisfaction level by 3.8%  and if that is more than that then each second of extra load time can make you lose a revenue per visitor 4.3%.

    According to a study done by Akamai and Gomez.com, fifty percent of internet users who visit websites expect less than 2 seconds to load a website if it takes more than that so it dissatisfies them a lot and as it goes to 3 seconds slab they leave the page instantly. If you are running an e-commerce site to sell something online then this 3second threshold can put you in danger, because the study says that 79% of online customers may find your website as low-performance site and 44% of them may not revisit or recommend you at all to friends and acquaintances.

    That’s the reason loading speed of a website has a direct effect on SEO or search engine optimisation .

    How to speed up WordPress website

    WordPress is an excellent CMS platform to use if you know how to use it. Here I am going to specifically mention 6 very easy steps to speed up your website what I learnt in my years of experience. This is not my first blog, it is very new, I just launched it on 1st of February 2017. I have other blogs also. Anyways here is my 6 easy steps one by one:

    1. Choose an optimised good host:

    This is the first parameter to fulfil to achieve your goal to get a blazing fast website, and a bad host can spoil your all hard works if the server response time is higher than normal. according to guideline by Google, you need to keep the server response time (where you are hosting your site) under 200ms. You can check the guideline here.

    What I have seen in my practical experience that I will share here:

    If you are a starter and from India, you always should always go ahead with HostGator.

    For international clients go for Inmotion hosting.

    Bluehost is also good but Bluehost.in is not recommended at all.

    2. Buy an optimised theme:

    This is my 2nd recommendation. Before buying any theme try to get information on the speed optimisation, how far that is optimised to load fast. At the time of buying a theme people often are trapped by features, look & feel of the theme. Do not select them on the basis of its look only. Just fill your brain with a simple logic, that is – you may have a very beautiful site but if visitors leave it before the full load so what avails? After all, you made this website for visitors.

    3. Use a good Caching Plugin:

    WordPress is a dynamic platform, what generally takes a longer time to load all static properties like javascript, CSS to images. To deliver all these assets in a more faster way you need to make all of those ‘static’ to save somewhere so it does not need to use server resources everytime the website loads. You can say a photocopy of all static resources. Thanks to caching plugins, they do this work in a just fraction of a second as soon as your page loads for the first time, saved them in particular folder and deliver them next time faster way and really decrease load time 2 to 3 times than before, sometimes, even more, depending on the plugin you are using.

    A lot many caching plugins are there, but I always recommend W3 Total Cache.

    4. Choose a good CDN or content delivery network:

    This is not that much needed if you are running a low traffic website. But, as your traffic grows you need a CDN. Many paid CDN service providers are out there. Some people use CDN from the beginning itself. You also will do the same if you get an excellent CDN service free of cost. Here I am talking about none other than

    Some people use CDN from the beginning itself. You also will do the same if you get an excellent service free of cost. Here I am talking about none other than CloudFlare. My favourite next generation CDN service. It is not only my favourite, it has become the heartthrob of millions of others throughout the world.

    5. Optimise Your Images, CSS, Javascript: (how to optimize javascript and CSS)

    This is a really important step. As all CSS are rendered blocking and delays the load time so first, we need to sort it out. Images and Javascript come to the next.

    You can use Wp-Smush it Plugin to optimise images but, frankly speaking, if you have a lot of images in your site so free version of this plugin will not help. My recommendation is to use as less image as you can, if it is necessary to use big images then use a compressed version of the image. One website can help you a lot to achieve this, you will get a free and easy to use image optimisation tool there – http://compressnow.com/ . compress your image before uploading it. After this step for further speed, you can use a Lazy load plugin. By using lazy load plugin you can avoid loading of all images at the same time as your website loads every time, images only load when the visitor scroll the page further. I will recommend – BJ lazyLoad Plugin. But this plugin has not been updated for a long time. If you always use an updated plugin so use this plugin – Image Lazy Load. Many themes nowadays have their own lazy load system.

    WordPress plugin to eliminate render-blocking javascript and CSS: For Javascript, CSS, and HTML optimisation one excellent plugin is Autoptimisation. it has two layered of optimisations. One part is basic for newbies, where it automatically does everything. If you need further optimisation you need to go to the advanced settings, here you need to have some technical knowledge to make all changes.

     6. Optimise your database:

    To achieve this you can use one plugin that is  – WP-DB Manager. But I recommend doing this through PHP my admin. In future, I will discuss it in detail.

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