NEW DELHI: Cricketer-turned-BJP politician Gautam Gambhir and retired Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi engaged in verbal jousting over Article 370 on Tuesday. Gambhir, the MP from East Delhi, replied sarcastically, “@SAfridiOfficial is spot on guys. There is “unprovoked aggression”, there r “crimes against humanity”. He shud be lauded for bringing this up. Only thing is he forgot to mention that all this is happening in “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir”. Don’t worry, will sort it out son (sic)!!!” The differences between the two former internationals seem to be long-standing. Afridi wrote in his autobiography, Game Changer, “First is the curious case of Gautam Gambhir. Oh, poor Gautam. He and his attitude problem. He, who has no personality. He, who is barely a character in the great scheme of cricket. He, who has no great records, just a lot of attitude. He, who behaves like he’s a cross between Don Bradman and James Bond or something. In Karachi, we call guys like him saryal, burnt up.”