In the last few days, several reports have claimed that the CBFC asked makers of the film ‘Ford v Ferrari’, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, to blur out alcohol bottles and glasses shown in the film. Now, the film certification board has clarified that these reports are not true.

In a statement, Prasoon Joshi, Chairperson, CBFC, said, “This is to clarify once and for all that CBFC never asked the makers of Ford v Ferrari to blur any shots in the film. I am disappointed with those who propagated this false news. It reflects, sadly, on such motivated people who make attempts to circulate news without verifying it.”
The statement further added that the blurring “was done voluntariarily by the makers.”
“To mindlessly assume, comment and attempt to drag into controversy without any substantiation is disappointing and uncalled for. Especially so when CBFC, as a reponsible organisation, over the last years has worked sincerely to ensure that a fine and fair balance is maintained. It’s a waste of official time and resources to counter useless controversies time and again,” the statement said.

Through the clarification, an irked Prasoon hoped that “the discerning people / audience would see through the motivated attempts to drag CBFC into manufactured controversies.”