NEW DELHI: A day after the nefarious agenda of Pakistan-based elements was exposed on Twitter, Saturday saw the hashtag “DontGoBackModi” trending on the micro-blogging website. The hashtag comes a day after certain Pakistan-linked handles were found to be behind the “#GoBackModi” hashtag on Friday, targeted at pushing an anti-India propaganda. READ ALSO: Pakistan’s nefarious designs exposed, elements from across the border make #GoBackModi trend on TwitterTo counter the nefarious design of Pakistani elements, netizens today trended “DontGoBackModi” as the Prime Minister met Chinese President Xi Jinping in Tamil Nadu’s Mamallapuram. Several netizens posted images of Narendra Modi picking up trash at a beach in Mamallapuram. A true leader leads by example. If the Prime Minister of this country, Shri @narendramodi can go plogging at a beac…— Kishan Parmar (@KishanDParmar) 1570860871000PM, above all a Swayamsevak !! #DontGoBackModi— CM Ramesh (@CMRamesh_MP) 1570861315000No other PM has talked about Tamil culture so much that our beloved PM @narendramodi has done . #DontGoBackModi— Manesha ❄ (@Manesha76) 1570862080000Tamils with love saying #DontGoBackModi— Deepak Rishi (@deepakrishi0) 1570862151000To become a world leader you need Vision, Ethics, Knowledge and leadership to lead the world in right and positive…— Tanmay Shankar (@Shanktan) 1570860299000PM @narendramodi Ji himself is biggest ambassador of ���� Tourism. 2019: Xi Jinping: Mamallapuram 2018: Macron: Vara…— Akshay Singh (@Akshaysinghel) 1570862301000