Some call him real-life Tony Stark, while others refer to his eccentric social media updates. Elon Musk is a man that divides opinions. Yet he’s also an entrepreneur that sits on the cusp of transformative tech change that can change the way we live, and prime among them all is to colonize Mars to save humanity. elon musk And the part genius, part eccentric visionary refuses to give up on one of his more controversial ideas — to bombard Mars with nuclear weapons. That’s right, Elon Musk believes that Mars needs to be rained down with nukes, if humanity is ever going to have a chance of colonizing the planet and live on it to the same extent as we do here on earth. And just to prove his point, how serious Elon Musk is about nuking Mars, he’s also gone ahead and designed a line of ‘Nuke Mars’ t-shirts which is available for purchase, if you so desire. The whole thing appears to be bonkers and so over the top, but that’s essentially how Elon Musk likes to roll, doesn’t it? — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 17, 2019 Why Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars It stems from this idea that Musk floated a few years ago, claiming that since Mars’ atmosphere is so thin — practically, non-existent — it is going to be ridiculously difficult for humanity to grab a foothold on the Red Planet unless we do something dramatic to the planet. That something dramatic — according to Elon Musk — is nuking Mars. A lot. So much so that it generates a lot of gases to be released — specifically carbon dioxide — from the polar region of Mars, which will accelerate the terraforming process of Mars, make its atmosphere more dense and just make it easier for humans to be able to live there in the future. Mars The idea may sound neat, but there’s a big problem with this hypothesis. Several scientists and experts have rubbished Elon Musk’s idea of ‘nuke Mars’ to make the planet apt for human settlement. No amount of nuclear explosions will release enough gases for us to make Mars more like Earth. Plus we don’t know the radiation fallout effect. But despite all odds or evidence, Elon Musk still wants to Nuke Mars — or at least sell some t-shirts in the process. Or maybe both.