NEW DELHI: Cops probing the murder case of N D Tiwari’s son Rohit Shekhar Tiwari are focusing on three aspects: the role of a female relative said to be close to his family – she was present in the house at the time of his death – several calls made from Rohit’s mobile phone between 2am and 4.14am on April 16, most likely after he had died, to a journalist known to him and the relative (the calls went unanswered) and the initial reluctance of family members to cooperate with the police in the probe. Rohit’s mother Ujjwala told police on Saturday that neither the deceased’s wife nor a clutch of the domestic helps could give a satisfactory reply why none of them woke up Rohit – he went to bed at 11.30pm on April 15 and was found bleeding from his nose at 4pm in his bed the next day. Rohit’s relatives were questioned by the Delhi Police crime branch at their Defence Colony home on Saturday. Cops quizzed his wife, Apoorva, after some of her initial remarks didn’t match with the sequence of events police were piecing together. However, Rohit’s brother and their household help, Bholu, supported her version. Bholu’s statement is being matched with that of her. While the initial autopsy report stated that Rohit might have died between 1-1.30am of asphyxiation, it has also been revealed that he had a blood clot in his nose, suspected to be caused after being hit by an object and a wound on his chest, the reason for which is being investigated. The journalist whose number was dialled from Rohit’s phone had helped him during legal proceedings against his father, N D Tiwari. Rohit’s phone was found to be locked with a password. There were five other land-line phones at the house, the calls from which are also being analysed. CCTV footage are being studied. But, cops found two of the cameras focusing on Rohit’s bedroom and a portion of living room were not working. On April 11, Rohit, Ujjwala and the female relative had left for Haldwani and then travelled to N D Tiwari’s memorial at Ranibagh. Ujjwala claimed that Rohit was particularly upset about his struggling political career during the trip. On the night of 14th, he suddenly decided to cut the trip short, and returned to Delhi. Making sense of 2019 #ElectionswithtimesView Full Coverage