Free 160 High PR Authority Backlinks For SEO

Link BuildingFree 160 High PR Authority Backlinks For SEO: To rank higher in search engines link building is necessary nowadays. There was a time when you used to write something on your web page and search engines used to rank that on some easy parameters. in those days websites were not that much also. The present scenario is totally opposite to older days. Now every day thousands of websites are being published with their contents. So, search engines also have made their ranking parameters very high thus it has become a challenge to rank higher. Seo or search engine optimisation is the solution to this problem to sustain in this competitive time, without which your all contents will remain unreachable to the world. Search engine optimisation or SEO is divided into two main parts: 1. Online Seo and 2. Offline Seo. Link building is a very important part of Offline Seo. Link building simply means to build a tree of links pointed to your root domain or pages from other websites. You can say a voting system. How many votes you have you will rank higher that much. In the future article, I will discuss this matter in detail but today I want to share some links what you can use to build your links tree. Just remember one thing always, sometimes fewer links are better than huge low-level links (low domain authority, low page rank).

You know your website’s niche better, always try to build links according to your niche.

Let’s start from Web 2.0 Websites:

(You need to create a page/blog/website on these sites(as the subdomain) and add your website’s links there!)

Websites which allows HTML Links, for that you need to create the profile:


Video publishing websites:

(you can build links by uploading your video there.)

Article submission websites:

Question & Answer Websites:

Photo or image related websites:

(You can add your websites links in the profile and also in  image descriptions.)