India’s election is at its fag end and so, the Prime Minister decided to take a holy retreat to Kedarnath.  Dressed in a grey traditional pahari attire, Modi offered prayers at the Kedarnath temple, but what got Twitter talking was a red carpet welcome in God’s abode. Soon after, PM Modi walked up 500 feet to an isolated cave for an approximately 15-hour long ‘Ekantvaas’ or solitude to meditate. The stunts left Netizens, opposition members, authors, comedians and people from every field, flummoxed. Here’s how Modi was was shredded for the red carpet drama, which looked no less than that at Cannes, paparazzi and all:  #1  Prayed at the Kedarnath Temple. Har Har Mahadev! — Chowkidar Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) 18 May 2019 #2 #3 #4 Glad @narendramodi ji visiting Kedarnath in order to heal after a vitriolic election campaign but PM must know that Lord Shiva leads an austere life like a true ascetic. Shiva Purana beautifully narrates the simplicity of Shiva by citing the wedding ceremony of Shiva & Paravati. — Sadhavi Khosla🇮🇳 (@sadhavi) 18 May 2019 #6  Reports state that the ‘cave’ PM Modi used for meditation was ‘pimped up’ months before his visit.  The natural cave situated a kilometre away from the main shrine was built by meticulously carving out the rocks, making sure it was well-lit. A bed and bathroom with a 24-hour water supply and of course for PM Modi, a steady WiFi signal were also provided. Mind you, it was a 15-hour long solitude meditation, erm, with cameras surrounding him and the Internet couldn’t help but slam the ‘stunt’. #1 What a fabulous designer cave. Do I spot a bed sheet? 5 star meditation with ANI — Swati Chaturvedi (@bainjal) 18 May 2019 #2 HOLY MODIModiji said, “Amit, things are grave.So I will go and pray in a cave.Cameras will gyrate,And I will meditate.Just the kind of tamasha I crave.” — Amit Varma (@amitvarma) 18 May 2019 #3 #4 #5