NEW DELHI: Asserting that the past five years were utilised to fulfil basic needs of the common man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sought another term to set on track the transformation of the country as a “developed nation” by 2047 when India completes 100 years of Independence.

At the release of the party manifesto — Sankalp Patra — for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the PM reiterated that the next tenure will dedicate its energy to empower the poor and farmers, noting that the aspirational levels have gone up in keeping with heightened expectations.
Anchoring BJP’s political vision around ‘rashtravaad’ (nationalism), ‘antyodaya’ (integral humanism) and ‘sushaasan’ (good governance), Modi said the party wants India to move forward in every sector and hence the Sankalp Patra focussed on a multi-dimensional approach towards growth in every sector.
“It is said that 21st century belongs to Asia and today I am asking why can’t India lead. .. or should India lead or not? Our manifesto says when our country completes 100 years of Independence in 2047, then it should be transformed as a developed nation, moving on from the developing tag,” he said and added, “For that 2019-2024 will be utilised for laying a strong foundation.”
Citing how Mahatama Gandhi converted his freedom struggle campaign into a mass movement, Modi said development should also be carried out with proactive support of masses and empowerment of the poor can happen only with they begin to seek and desire change.
“Two decades have gone in 21st century but I had to work on basic requirements of the people, which should have been addressed in 50s and 60s,” the PM said. Endorsing speeches by party colleagues at the manifesto launch, Modi asserted nationalism is BJP’s inspiration, inclusion its philosophy and good governance its mantra.
“The ‘Sankalp Patra’ (document of resolve) of the BJP had 75 definitive, time-bound targets for the country…We want people to hold us accountable. Hence, we have set out 75 goals to be achieved by 2022,” Modi said.
He said the party manifesto is a “multi-layered and multi-dimensional” document that addressed the expectations and aspirations of all sections of the society, and it contained “jan ke mann ki baat”.
“We want to fight poverty rather than sit inside air-conditioned rooms. We first addressed the needs of the people, now we will fulfil their aspirations,” Modi added.