BENGALURU: As a parting gift to landless labourers and small farmers, caretaker chief minister HD Kumaraswamy waived loans they took, including from pawn brokers and moneylenders. Kumaraswamy, on Wednesday, said he is proud and satisfied after he signed one of his last orders, which provides debt relief to landless agricultural labourers and farmers who own less than two hectares of agricultural land and with an annual income below Rs 1.2 lakh. Speaking to reporters, Kumaraswamy said the Debt Relief Act, that was signed by the President on July 16, was enacted through a government order on Tuesday. “It’s a onetime relief and is available for a period of one year from the date of passing of the order. There are no limits on the loan amount that can be waived,” Kumaraswamy said. Kumaraswamy urged potential beneficiaries to submit loan details to assistant commissioners in their districts in 90 days. “It will apply to those who availed loans before this act came into being. This is an opportunity to better people’s lives,” Kumaraswamy said.