BHOPAL:A district collector in Madhya Pradesh, after seeing anaemic kids overcrowding the district hospital, has taken some of them to his official residence. On Wednesday, over 500 kids suffering from anaemia arrived at the government district hospital for blood tests. Abhishek Singh took with him more than 70 kids who will now be treated at the collector’s residence in the city. The state government is running a scheme for anaemic kids called ‘Dastak’, under which health workers take kids to district hospital for blood test, following which blood transfusion is undertaken. On Wednesday, health workers brought 530 children. The district hospital could house only 200 children. Things went awry. “On an average around 100-125 children are coming every day,” Singh told TOI. “Today, suddenly there were more than 500 children. So I brought some of them to my official residence,” Singh added.