NEW DELHI: After its bold move to reorganise Jammu and Kashmir, India expects Pakistan to mount a massive diplomatic offensive besides other steps with reports from Islamabad suggesting that the Imran Khan government and Pak military working on a series of actions against India. On the diplomatic front, Pakistan has already approached the UN in New York and Indian officials expect Islamabad to go ballistic during the UN General Assembly session in September, which will also be addressed by PM Narendra Modi. Islamabad has already approached the OIC to condemn India’s action. On Tuesday, UAE though broke ranks by describing it as an “internal matter” of India. China came to Pakistan’s assistance, with a sharply worded criticism by Communist Party mouthpiece, Global Times, which criticised India’s decision to make Ladakh a Union Territory, “putting Chinese territory in the western section of the border under its administration which affects China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty”. On Monday, Pakistan approached UN Human Rights Council head Michelle Bachelet in GenevaIn addition, India also expects Pakistan to try to get the US to put pressure on India, leveraging Islamabad’s key role in the Afghan peace process and US pullout from the region. Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had warned US special envoy Zalmay KhalilzadOn Tuesday, Khalilzad held discussions with foreign minister S Jaishankar, following which the minister tweeted: “The conversation provided a comprehensive update on the situation in Afghanistan. Shared views on how we could work together effectively.” India will also be a lot more vigilant about Pakistan going back to use its jihadi proxies against India. This has been a Pakistani promise to the FATF. Pakistan has until October to demonstrate good behaviour on a set of parameters, if it is to avoid the FATF blacklist. But there is a perception that the US would not like to push Pakistan into the blacklist as an incentive for help in return to get out of Afghanistan. Its not clear how the US would play if Pakistan goes back to its “good terrorists”. terrorism, undermining the self-determination argument.