Lenevo Z5 4TB Storage Specs, Release Date


  • Lenovo Z5 is expected to launch on 14th June.
  • It is likely to give 95% screen to body ratio display
  • Lenovo Vice Precident Chang Cheng claimed that it is going offer 4TB masdive internal storage.
  • 6/8 GB Ram
  • Front pop up camera
  • In screen ear-peace

World’s first smartphone with its massive 4TB storage.

Lenevo Z5 4TB Storage Specs, Release Date: Lenovo‘s smart phone was not coming in the news for a long period of time. But finaly after a period of time Lenovo now is ready to take a space in news headlines. As per a recent report, Lenovo one of the biggest mobile manufacturer is going to launch a smartphone with 4TB (what comes in 4000gb) massive internal storage together with full FHD+ screen. Today I am going to discuss on this smartphone as much dtailde I have till now.

I have been noticing the Lenovo Z5 smartphone through the company’s official teasers for a few days and weeks now. After teasing a fully bezel-less design, the Vice Precident of the company Chang Cheng has just teased another very new feature which is related ti its storage capacity.

The Vice Precident Chang Cheng has recently posted about this, according to that post on Weibo, he claimed that the upcoming smartphone Lenovo Z5 is going to be featured with 4 TB massive internal storage. It isn’t completely clear from this Chinese translation to English whether he tried to mean 4 TB expandable storage by using dedicated SD cards or built in massive storage. But Chang Cheng gave out a quiet few numbers, which made me belive that he is definitely talking about the internal storage, not the external.


The most amazing part of this smartphone is that, it is going to be not only the 4TB massive storage, but also the display it is going to provide is just amazing. Its screen to body ratio is surprisingly going to be more than 95%. Which is definitely the highest in specs comparison to any other smartphone available now in the tech market. If i talk about sensors, then according to source Lenevo is not going to compromise on thst part also, it is going to give all necessary and nodern sensors packed in it. Moreover, Lenovo may pack all new updated technology to make all available under this umbrella release. Its screen can change the look and feel of the phone completely.

If leneLe is really going to launch a no notch display smartphone, then most probably the front or selfie camera will flip up simply like the Vivo APEX phone, but this is a pure speculation only. The Vivo APEX is currently offering a screen to body display ratio at 91 percent. Lenovo is going to give tough competition with itsits upcom smartphone release of Z5.

The company has not yet announced its exact lauching date. There might be improvment a are left. But expected somwhere in the month of June. Now we need to have patience till the smartphone with its massive 4TB storage launches. The price of this design is currently unknown, but as per Lenovo’s previous track record of pricing the will keep the pricing within midrange.

There is an update that, this amazing smartphone with its massive storage and nice dusplay Lenovo Z5 is likely to be launched on 14 June. The date can be varied based on the company’s decision.