CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday said the developments relating to Kashmir, which concerns the security of the nation, has been handled strategically well by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah. He appealed to politicians not to politicise it. “The entire Kashmir issue has been handled with ‘Rajathandhiram’ (strategic diplomacy) by Modi and Shah. Kashmir issue concerns the security of our country. Hence, I had used the Krishna – Arjuna reference from Mahabharatha,” Rajinikanth told reporters, outside his Poes Garden residence. He was responding to a specific question on the adverse reaction his ‘Krishna – Arjuna’ statement, which he made on Sunday in Chennai. He said, “They first imposed Section 144, then placed the troublemakers in a house arrest like situation. The bill was first introduced and passed in Rajya Sabha, where the BJP does not have a majority. Only later, it was introduced and passed in Lok Sabha. Had sufficient time been given for discussion, forces acting against our country would have been got time to act.” “Since Kashmir issue concerns the security of the nation, it should not be politicised. Our respected politicians should know what to politicise and what not to politicise. They should refrain from politicising the Kashmir issue,” Rajinikanth said. When asked about reports that he was likely to announce the name of his party next April, the actor said he would inform the people at the “right time”.