BENGALURU: The National Design and Research Forum (NDRF)—a Bengaluru-based national platform co-ordinating research pursuits in science and engineering—as part of its golden jubilee celebrations has called for a national satellite design contest for school students. “The contest will provide school students an opportunity to design and launch their payloads to near space,” a statement issued by NDRF read. The contest is open for students from Class 8 to 12, and each team can have a maximum of five members. The payload should not exceed 3.8 centimetre cube and should weigh 50gm or less. NDRF will choose 12 teams based on their innovative ideas and provide necessary technical guidance. Stating that it will provide a 3D-printed satellite body free of cost, NDRF said the last date for submission of ideas in November 25 and that results would be declared on NDRF’s website on December 15, while the launch of the satellite is scheduled for January 19, 2020. “The payloads of chosen teams will be launched from Chennai. The helium balloon-launched satellite is expected to reach an altitude of 20km. The satellite is designed to soft land back and the retrieved payloads will be returned to the students for analysis,” the statement read. NDRF has partnered with Space Kidz India for the launch while other academic institutions will also support the programme. Students from across India can participate in the contest.