Pataliputra: Misha Bharti from RJD is leading against Ram Kripal Yadav from BJP in Pataliputra Lok Sabha constituency according to the latest trends. After the latest round of counting, Misha Bharti has received 100074 votes while her BJP rival Ram Kripal Yadav has got 92344 number of votes. Overall, the BJP is currently leading in 292 seats, while the Congress is ahead in 50 constituencies, as per trends at 12:02 PM. Pataliputra Lok Sabha Constituency Currently, the Pataliputra Lok Sabha Constituency of Bihar is held by the BJP candidate Ram Kripal Yadav. This year, the major battle is between Ram Kripal Yadav of BJP and Misha Bharti of RJD in the Pataliputra constituency for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Pataliputra is one of the constituencies in eight constituencies in Bihar that went for vote on May 19 in the final phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2019. In 2014, Ram Kripal Yadav from BJP won against Misha Bharti with the maximum number of votes. This year, it is a neck to neck battle between the candidates. LOK SABHA ELECTION RESULT 2019#ElectionsWithTimes