NEW DELHI: The Crime Branch of Delhi Police is close to cracking the mystery behind the death of Rohit Shekhar, the son of former UP and Uttarakhand chief minister and Andhra Pradesh ex-governor ND Tiwari. The probe is around two possible motives. While property is being seen as the most plausible explanation, Rohit’s friendship with a woman is also being seen as a trigger to the crime. On Sunday, Rohit’s wife, Apoorva, was termed one of the prime suspects. She was questioned multiple times on Saturday and Sunday. She confessed to having gone to his room at night, but gave conflicting answers to its purpose. A senior officer said that the role of others present in the house has been almost ruled out. A probe is on to find out if there was an accomplice to the killer. On Sunday noon, Apoorva complained of uneasiness during questioning and was taken to a hospital for check-up. Meanwhile, Rohit’s mother, Ujjwala, alleged that Apoorva got into a disagreement with Rohit after he decided to give a part of their property to one Kartik, the son of their cousin Rajeev who used to work for Tiwari when he was the UP and Uttarakhand CM and has been with the family for 40 years. “Apoorva wanted the property at Tilak Lane since it is at a prime location in Lutyens’ Delhi and near Supreme Court, where she worked. She had accused Rohit of having an affair with Rajeev’s wife on the second day of their wedding and got into frequent arguments over this,” Ujjwala said. Ujjwala also told police about an alleged male friend of Apoorva, whom she was close to these days. “Apoorva had claimed to be in love with Rohit before their marriage and approached me for approval. I had hoped that the wedding would make Rohit spend more time with the family, but their fights started from the second day of marriage. I will reveal more eventually. She was not in talking terms with me,” she added. She also alleged that Apoorva stayed at an apartment in south Delhi away from Rohit. “Lately, she had been demanding that Rohit construct a house for her and her parents as her mother was not able to climb to the fourth floor. Rohit’s refusal had resulted in tension between them. There were even talks of a mutual divorce, but she was dillydallying over this,” Ujjwala said. Making sense of 2019 #ElectionswithtimesView Full Coverage