Congress President Rahul Gandhi reiterated his “love” for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In conversation with students in Pune, Maharashtra, he said, “I love PM Modi. Genuinely, I have no hatred or anger towards the man, but he (Modi) has anger towards me.”When Rahul expressed his “love” for the PM, the students broke into laughter and raised their voices, to which he repeated, “I genuinely do not have anger towards him.”It is not the first time, Rahul Gandhi talked about having “affection” for PM Modi. Earlier in March, he recalled the day he had hugged Modi and said he could not hate him since love “is in the country’s grain, every religion, and the Tamil people”.He was interacting with female students of a city college in Chennai. When a student asked him why he chose to hug the prime minister, Gandhi said he had watched a ‘very angry’ Modi in Parliament running down his party, his late father Rajiv Gandhi and mother Sonia.However, deep inside, he said he felt affection for Modi and he thought Modi was angry “because he is not able to see the beauty of the world”.”So I thought that at least from my side, I should show him some affection.”During the event, Rahul interacted with students and replied to their questions related to his political and personal life. He targeted the ruling government’s policies and reiterated his party’s poll promises.For the latest news and live updates, follow our LIVE BLOG