Ever had a terrible, terrible day? A day so bad you couldn’t stop cribbing about it? But then you see someone else’s day falling apart and their misery seems far greater than yours, and (we shouldn’t say this) it makes you feel a little less miserable. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means you’re human. And, so, without further ado, here are 13 people having a worse day than you are. 1. When the light from the laptop isn’t enough so you light a candle and pray for magic. Like, why? Imgur 2. How to package big disappointment in a tiny box. Reddit 3. When you ask for extra cheese, but don’t specify it should be inside the burger because what normal human being does that? Twitter 4. So the lid goes on the toilet, and the toilet seat on the wall? Sure, I see how that can work. NOT. Imgur 5. This is kinda like the more subtle lessons life teaches you: when people you try to cut end up cutting you. imgur 6. Kids, when you use hair removal cream as shampoo this is what you get. Twitter 7. When the company you’re buying a chair from tells you you’ll always be too big to fit in it. Twitter 8. I think the problem started when people started thinking using an iron to heat or melt any food could work… Twitter 9. Here’s a person who won’t be cooking any food for anyone anytime soon. Imgur 10. Like what was this person even thinking? TWitter 11. This is probably the worst birthday cake crime scene ever! Imgur 12. That had to hurt! Imgur 13. Imagine walking up to your car and finding your friendly neighbourhood cow chilling on the hood. We wonder how this went down. Imgur