WhatsApp Introduced A New Feature 2018, Know More

WhatsApp Introduced A New Feature 2018,  Know More: WhatsApp has uupdate a number of latest options, specially aimed corporations, organisations, groups etc. This replace or update is completely available for each android as a matter of fact apple phone customers both.

WhatsApp has said that the new options has a very finer contol over any group , created or will be created by any person. This will help not only normal WhatsApp users but also higher organizations when they execute “WhatsApp Group”. No one or no other member can remove any Admin of any WhatsApp Group now onwards if the admin didn’t give permission to do so to a perticular member. Any member of a group will not have the access to change group icon too what only an admin can do. This Feature remind me the group settings of Facebook.

There is another comletely new and recent Feature which is referred to as “Group catch up ” in this a member can directly go without delay to unread messages where he/she  were discussed or mentioned by some other members.

WhatsApphas added another specialties or a new feature  where a particular member or  user who has left a certain group cannot join or be added over and over in the same group. So, guys from the next time think twice before leaving any WhatsApp group.

In this mysterious technical world whatsapp really plays crucial role in our life. Through groups you can connect to families, colleagues, friends together with other people. WhatsApp has replaced the normal SMS, MMS system and has given us an unique platform where not only we can share messages but many other stuffs like videos, photos and any other files. WhatsApp has proved itsrit that it is a must have in any mobile

Image Copyright: WhatsApp INC