Tokyo Motor Show is known for ecstatic vehicle unveils by the major auto makers. This time around, Yamaha is going to be the one to watch out in the show. Why? The company has embraced electric drivertrains in many of its upcoming products. The best part is, it has already provided a glimpse of these electric vehicles. Ranging across electric two-wheelers to concept vehicles like an electric wheelchair and even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Yamaha has come up with a rather captivating lineup this time. Here is a look at what the Japanese major will put on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Yamaha Electric Scooters Yamaha E01 Meant for an urban commute, the Yamaha E01 boasts of providing enhanced comfort to the rider as compared to the conventional scooters. Yamaha is highlighting its expressive design and practicality for everyday use, which will be powered by an electric motor equivalent to a 125cc scooter engine. Additional advantages – a longer range and fast charging support. Yamaha E02 A compact version of the one above, the Yamaha E02 can be considered as a 50cc scooter that features a compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle vehicle body. It will be backed by a removable battery and as per the company, will deliver a “light and agile ride”. Yamaha E-Vino The E-Vino borrows its design majorly from the popular retro-pop-styled Vino 50cc scooter. Meant for commuting within a city, Yamaha claims that the E-Vino will offer a “[smooth] acceleration, plenty of usable torque at very low speeds and an easily removable battery.” The E-Vino will also come with two running modes  – as per the riding conditions as well as a boost function to provide extra power for climbing up hills. Electric Bicycle Yamaha YPJ-XC In addition to scooters and motorcycles, Yamaha has also announced an eMTB (electrically power-assisted mountain bike). The e-bike uses Yamaha’s top-end PW-X drive unit and comes with a controllable power-assist for outdoor, off-road biking. Yamaha YPJ-YZ A part of Yamaha’s YZ Series, the YPJ comes as a competition motocross model and hence sports a mass-centralized chassis for increased handling. The down tube is split in two to enclose the battery unit. As per Yamaha, the YPJ-YZ provides stable cornering performance and light handling even on rough terrain. Electric Trials Bike Yamaha TY-E Yamaha calls the TY-E an “advanced prototype”. Built as a part of Yamaha’s in-house technological R&D program, the TY-E comes with a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque frame. Housed inside is a compact, high-rpm, high-output electric motor to deliver strong low-speed torque and smooth acceleration for conquering the obstacles in trials. The TY-E was Yamaha’s entry in the FIM Trial-E Cup, where it was ridden by Kenichi Kuroyama and finished 2nd in the series, both in 2018 and 2019.